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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Jan 20, 2012 8:01am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Blackout Tantrums. Where's the Pacifier?

The cold is the thing that will keep most from following me. Almost all my ancestors come from the land of the ice and snow so that is my strategy. I don't plan on it being easy, I plan on being one the last people left alive to protect my family. The ice age was the best thing to happen to europe and so again it will be for culling the herd.

I don't plan on taking 95 through baltimore DC, phily, etc.... I'll be a little further west of the coast on foot most likely... no point in driving off in nice tempting gas powered vehicle (watch war of the worlds) and it certainly wont be road warrior with a tanker of spare gas to use. Gasoline stops working after a while... keeping a gas engine for long term use without a machine shop and power and mechanic skills is a waste of time.

As for Georgia, not a place I want to be during social unrest any more than florida. Yes they have mountains and I will visit them on my way north but im looking for low population density, tree cover, and fresh water with a discouraging climate so every thug in the world doesnt stop on by to visit my wife and kids while im out hunting.

The warmer areas and cities will draw the naive weak and evil strong. The cities will be kill zones, when the weakest are raped and murdered by the unsavory elements in the cities they will turn to the suburbs looking for booty (both treasure and ass). Some will resist and only the baddest of the bad will be left in those population centers. Once the food stores and potable water become depleted or rancid they will be combing the countryside looking for nice old farmer people rob and kill. They will not be able to sustain the farms or ration out the food stores they steal and this will only temporarily quench their hunger. Next they pillage the surrounding countryside and anyone in an obviously desirable place with access to game and water will need to defend it against unknown numbers. Unless you have a ton of powder and a reloader eventually you will run out of bullets.

Like rasta said, the small child could be a trap. If I had extra food (which there is no such thing in a post SHTF world) i would not let them starve but you'd have to be damn sure there was not some unsavory folks using the child as bait to ambush you. I might watch the kid from a distance for a long time to make sure they were alone. If the kid was not a trap or decoy and could gather fire wood and not get us killed I'd probably take them in to.

The most valuable things to have after obama's reelection will be skills and hands. Sewing, herbal medicine, plant identification, hunting/fishing, shelter building, etc. Anyone who can shoot, use hand tools, chop wood, hunt, or fish is an asset to your group. I am also trying to research medicinal cures and other survival tactics that my native ancestors practiced up in canada, they survived pale faces and everything in the freezing cold. If that doesn't work I can resort to my norse tactics....

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Poster: micah6vs8 Date: Jan 20, 2012 10:24am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Blackout Tantrums. Where's the Pacifier?

If you begin picking up children (or child), it most likely will be the end of your family- unless you have resources up the wazoo. My question is meant to illect the only response which is no to the kid (I assumed, but ought to have stated that the child was not used as a trap). That awful ruthlessness required is what the veneer of our civilization affords us not to even really consider. Morality and civility would be in great flux with the absolute best and worst (mostly worst) displayed, as you indicate.

I hope the AT is not your road north as it will be filled with people. The East Coast in general is dicey business. Also, supplies. Through hikers on the AT go through several pairs of boots for example. 1,500 miles means you can not carry all the supplies you need which would have to include winter clothing. Viking mode, of course, eliminates this requirement. Finally, it would be extremely hard for a small child or baby to complete that journey.

I would include someone who has farmed successfully (and who has seeds), as after year one that will be critical. Also, a like minded family or persons w/ skills as there is strength in numbers.

God, may it never come to this.